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Hello Country Music Fans around the world!!

Yes, my music is being downloaded and the new CD is being shipped to fans of REAL COUNTRY MUSIC all over the world! My last CD had many downloads from Australia, the UK and other parts of the world who still treasure pure untouched COUNTRY MUSIC, not the extreme garbage played on modern radio today that they have the nerve to call Country Music!

Speaking of the new CD, “On the Edge”, the feedback has been above and beyond! All saying it is the best Danny Harper CD ever! Wow, now that is saying a lot but I have to agree. While there were a few tweaks here and there missed, Chris Fyfe producer of the project went above and beyond and brought our sound that we do live to the vinyl!! Amazing, and thank you Chris! The best of Maine musicians on this one for certain and I thank each and everyone who participated in making this music project something to be proud of!

We wound down 2017 at the Tan Turtle on NYE and what a night it was! The band was hot on, with a first time drummer Andrew Clifford setting the tempo!! Wow, yes, that is the same Andrew Clifford that owns and teaches percussion at Main Street Music Studios in Brewer, ME. We had no idea of this man’s incredible talent but we are already anxious to work with Andrew again and Andrew has accepted the offer, so this year you will be able to hear a solid rhythm section as we take our music to a whole new level! To Chris, Andrew, Kevin, Dana, Fred and Brian, you shined NYE! Proud to share the stage with such a depth of musical genius! To Susan, my musical right hand, you are the best! Thank you for what may seem a thankless job promoting me, but I couldn’t do it without you!

We changed things around NYE night and had Chris do the first hour with his Merle Haggard tribute and I had the luxury of sitting out that set so I could take in this amazing talent, both vocally and instrumentally, he is at the pinnacle of Maine Country Music! His place as youngest ever to be inducted in the Maine Country Music Hall of Fame was evident with his NYE performance at the Turtle and show why Chris Fyfe is the man from Maine who is at the top of his game along with greats of Maine Country Music the likes of Dick Curless! I thoroughly enjoyed his show and man did he ever put on a show with the capable band behind him supporting his music! If you weren’t there, you missed a show of a lifetime!

Another of my very special moments of the year was to hear Kayla Wass singing my latest, “Coming Home to You” at the Hollywood Casino via cell phone live during the week before Christmas! Thank you Kayla!!! We also were able to listen in to her singing at Alan Jackson’s night club in Nashville on NYE via the phone!! Amazing the technology advancements today, who would have thought such a thing could ever happen! Kayla is getting to be a household name among the Nashville circuit and if you are in Nashville, be sure and check out where she is performing and catch this amazing Maine (yes, our very own) talent, you won’t ever regret it!

Speaking of Kayla, her Mom and Dad, Cyndi and Reg were at the Turtle with us and Reg did the sound using our Mackie system and man what a sound it was! Reg, thank you for making us sound great and Cyndi thank you for the fun of using the phone to entertain this ol’ hillbilly! You two are the very best and I count you as true friends, which are few and far between!

Well, I will close for now, but hope to see you at one of our live performances in 2018, we begin this month taking some time off to rehearse some new material and to build our show for the upcoming season! The number nine CD is going to be one you will all want as I continue to write more and more! Stay tuned, we’re getting an early start on this one!

I would also like to thank Steve and Mindy at the Tan Turtle for inviting us there in August and to let you know how much Dana and Kevin and I enjoyed the Turtle Tavern fans! They are the best and look forward to seeing you this summer!

To all our fans here and abroad, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season and from all of us at Danny Harper Music, we wish you a wonderful New Year filled with the best of health and REAL COUNTRY MUSIC!


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