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Thought it time to reach out to you all and say, although Iím a bit behind, I do hope you all had a great holiday season and that 2023 is good to you!

We are once again getting some gigs in and they are on our schedule, so please check them out and if one of them is near you we hope to see you there!

The CD was postponed due to unforeseen issues that seem to arise out of nowhere, but we are on schedule to begin this month. Our engineer had COVID, so a reschedule on the new CD. Actually, I am hoping to do two.

I donít have all the line up yet, but on Sunday, May 7th we return to the Hartland Community Center in good olí downtown Hartland, Maine for a Cabin Fever Country show featuring Kayla Wass as headliner, direct from Nashville. Kayla is completing a new CD (I believe due out later this year) and I have had the pleasure of listening to a couple of the songs and they are truly great works! I love ďI PourĒ, which should be on the daily rotation of every Modern Country station, but without a major label promoting such, it is the same old story!

We will also appear at the Union River Concert Series in August on the 18th! We love that gig and was excited when we were welcomed back this year. The last time we drew the largest crowd ever of the Series! So, be sure to get there early and find a spot and we will look forward to seeing you all there and hopefully I will have my new CD to share with you.

We are also returning to the Grand in November to do another concert for our Veteranís! We have added some new and fresh ideas to that day to show our deepest appreciation to our VETS!! Up on Lee, Maine in June for a Veteranís show and more coming in. Stay tuned as we will post new dates as the contract.

Well, fans, once again thank you and thanks for keeping it COUNTRY, REAL COUNTRY!


Phone: 1-800-539-5133  |  P.O. Box 1486, Southwest Harbor, Maine 04679