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Hello Country Music fans!

Well, so much to get caught up on, but I want to start by thanking all those who came out to our shows this past month! We especially enjoyed the Union Fair and the Chowder House Restaurant shows! You were all great and thanks to Mr. Abraham Knight and Bob and Sally for their support and kindness! Congratulations to the lucky autographed Epiphone acoustic guitar that we gave away in Eastport! Also, thank Al Gardner for coming by and sitting in with us and singing the Conway classic, “It’s Only Make Believe” as only Al can do it and man after all those years you still nailed it! Al appeared on my weekly Television show in 1972 as a guest and sang that song then and Al it was great to see you and do wish you all the very best!

Thank you all for coming by and saying all the nice things about our music and for purchasing so many of our CD’s! It means a whole lot to hear it from you and especially your comments on the new song, “We Stand”, another tribute song to our VETERANS, such a moving and timely piece of work! In three days of performing that song in succession, we received over 5 standing ovations! Now, that is something and I have had many over the years of performing, but nothing like this song is receiving!! I do recall a time opening for Charlie Daniels when a standing “O” was so strong I couldn’t finish the song! That was another song I wrote which was a recitation, called, “The Way Things Used to Be”!

We had a nice turnout at Hansen’s Outpost and Jordan’s Snack Bar this summer. We did miss our special guest, “Doc” Morrill however, and do hope he is feeling better, we love you “Doc”! I hope to visit with him anytime soon. Many came out to hear the “Walker Brothers” of Swans Island this year and the positive comments from you fans confirms what I saw initially in them, and that is they have a very bright future in the Country Music world, as these young talented and personable young men love the traditional music and have so much to offer in their music! We hope to feature them more in upcoming gigs!

We also had the opportunity to listen to 3 hours of “KAYLA” music at the Tan Turtle on July 25Th! What a night it was, and man was she smoking hot! Kayla continues to shine brighter each time I hear her and her maturity is present with each performance both vocally and stage presence! Nashville has been good to Kayla and they love her as much there as we do here! They would tell you more, but no one can love her more than her home State of Maine! Speaking of Kayla, she returns to The Turtle on September 28th and 29th, from 6 pm to 9 pm so be sure and mark your calendars to come and hear this female singing sensation, as she belts out Miranda covers to Patsy Cline classics! I’ll be looking for you there, as I wouldn’t miss it my favorite female Country vocalist!

We, (our trio) of myself, Dana Flood and Kevin Overlock performed there on August 31st to a wonderful crowd and hope to be back there in the fall, stay tuned for new dates! I love the intimate setting there in the Turtle lounge and love having talented artists, the likes of Jerilyn Bowers stop by from time to time and sing her heart out, what a talent she is and she is always welcome wherever we are performing.

Our main focus right now is to complete the next CD that we have been working on intermittingly since last spring, which includes the song, “We Stand”, along with 9 other newly written songs. I am also working concurrently on anther CD called, “For God and Country” which covers all 5 of our Vet songs, as well as some Christian songs and some never recorded and released. We are also working on a new song/picture book, which will have some of the actual music along with the words to the songs. I have contracted Jack Clifford to do the musical charts with the words and a new Publishing Co called, “Western Mountain Music Works”! If the name Jack Clifford sounds familiar he is the Father of Andrew Clifford, the owner, engineer, producer, drum teacher, etc, etc of Main Street Music Studios located in So Brewer across from Van Raymond Guns. Jack also is a musical legend having taught music, guitar and toured with Chubby Checker as his lead guitarist!

For those of you who have asked when the new song will be released there is still much to do and it is being handled under the sharp ear and talented musician and singer himself, Chris Fyfe, who is producing this latest CD project and especially “We Stand”. We just added the horn part, thanks to another talented musician and music instructer and director, Brian Nadeau, so we are now mixing the parts while waiting for Kayla to come in and do the harmony parts with Kevin, Dana and Chris. Once that is done, we will mix final and master and press, hope to have to radio by 10/1. Stay tuned, as we have a big promotion campaign to launch and each of you are a huge part of it!

So stay tuned, lots of things happening in the Danny Harper Music world!


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